Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Power of A Pen on A Beautiful Day: "Chosen Words"

It's a glorious, sunny day in Toronto today!   It's one of those day that beckons you to go out  for a leisurely stroll ...  just take in one's beautiful surroundings ...  hear the birds' cheerful chirps in the background ... and of course, I'd drop into one of my favourite foodies haunt, DT Bistro and stand in front of their dessert window to feast with my eyes before ordering something decadent treat with a delicious cup of Earl Grey Tea and grabbing a window seat to savour the world and reflect over  ...

A feast for the eyes  

Emotions can only describe: 

"Profound Humanism" (in the POWER of 'Chosen Words' and a pen.)  

Have a fabulous day!

Share this little gem with all your friends & make it a beautiful day for them!

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