Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Best Mother's Day Gift is YOU: Spend Precious Time Together

Time.  It's so precious.  Mother's Day is fast approaching as the clock keeps ticking away, and the days slip by, and next thing you know, it's Saturday and you still do NOT have a Mother's Day gift!  I don't know about you, I don't need a countdown, as there have been daily ads/commercials with reminders that time is running out, and that you'd better treat mom to chocolate, flower, jewellery and spa treatments. Oddly enough, none of the before mentioned gift items appeal to my mom (okay, maybe a small pair of earrings, but then my mom will note that she has no events to attend, so no excuse to wear them).  How does one say "Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I love you, Mom" so it's meaningful, memorable and intimate? Remember the last time you made that hokey homemade card for mom? Bet your mom might still might have it tucked away with some of the other crafts you've made but forgot about along the way, since you grew up... Funny thing, it's not any of the tangible items you can conveniently purchase at a store or online, but merely by giving yourself namely, spending some quality and quantity time with your own mom or grandma.

I've had the pleasure of hosting the Second Chinatown Foodies Walk for intimate, small group ( 8-9 of us) scheduled on Mother's Day.  Several women treated their own mothers to a foodies walking tour experience with me. Along the Second Chinatown Foodies Walk, I start off with the hosted dim sum and it's always a fascinating communal experience as we bond over flying chopsticks, tea pouring etiquettes, while trying new and familiar flavours, textures and aromas.  Often, the food/drinks, the old pictures and stories I share along my culinary historical walking tours would trigger awesome personal stories and memories and render many heartfelt chuckles. When we end at one of the oldest Chinese bakery sipping hot Hong Kong tea with bites of a medley of pastries,  folks are always amazed by how quickly the day flew by while they were having so much fun. Remember that old saying, "Time flies by when you're having fun! " So true! Sigh!

This year, I'm spreading the Mother's Day love over the whole weekend, just so I can keep it intimate numbers per tour. As a culinary historian, it's sheer fun peeling back the layers of multicultural food history within the marketplace and residential quarters of Kensington Market along the Kensington Foodies Roots Walk with folks who have wicked stories of their own to share.  I look forward to reciting my Grilled Cheese Haiku (written for first time after several decades hiatus) after we taste a variety of Canadian artisanal cheese, as I'm sure all will appreciate Canadian humour! Longtime residents, newcomers and visitors alike, love the beginning of the tour, as I challenge them to imagine only one family and one house occupying the area, and then we end with pictures and maps showing that very first family's home and long driveway. Heady experience I must say.

By the way, to make Mother's Day more memorable, I will be handing out a single flower for each Mom treated to the tour by their accompanying offspring! Book your spots by Thursday May 5th, 2011 to make sure your Mom gets her flower! Call the office (416) 923-6813 or e-mail info@TorontoWalksBikes.com

Remember your Mom, Grandma or your favourite Auntie. 
Life is short & sweet. 
Life is sweeter, when precious time is spent together with loved ones.
Cherish those memorable moments as we sip & nosh together.

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