Saturday, December 11, 2010

Celebrate all the holidays!

My food tour called Kensington Festive Foodies Roots inspired me to throw a multi-cultural holiday party a few times, embracing ALL the Festivals of Lights - Diwali, Channukah, Winter Solstice, Eid, Christmas and Kawanzaa.

Some of the Decorations:
* Diwali lamp made of brown clay and beautifully hand-painted
*A mini Christmas tree with mini chocolate balls & candy canes, and cooking utensils!  Strewn around the base of the tree: chocolate liquor for the adults! 
* Lots of Ikeas tea candles lit up all over the party room
* Menorah with all 9 candles lit up
* A Kwanzaa card depicting the beautiful 7 candles lit up

Food & Drinks:
Made it potluck and I asked guests to bring something from their childhood they would love to share! Given the diverse ethnic backgrounds of all my wonderful friends, we had a multi-cultural holiday bounty! We sipped Mexican cider, while noshing on Columbian donuts, Jamaican Christmas Cake, Persian cookies and more...

So what are you doing this holiday season?

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