Friday, December 17, 2010

Gift Certificate Countdown...

The Gift of Choice for Foodies / Literary Detectives / Ghost Busters on your list ...

There's still time to give the E-Gift Certificate for a memorable walking tour this holiday. Order by Tuesday December 22nd, 2010 to have it e-mailed to you to be printed out and tucked into an envelope. It's that easy and quick.

Yes, the holiday season is becoming increasingly commercialized. We'll see more ads than ever persuading us to buy that "perfect gift" for a loved one. Can one buy something tangible like an "experience" as a gift that will truly tickle the fancies of a loved one?

Throughout Year 2010, there's been increased requests for Gift Certificates to be used as a gift for a birthday, anniversary, holiday season gift or as a Welcome to the City package.  If you're looking for a gift that's meaningful, experiential and memorable for a Foodies on your list, then a Foodies Walking Tour E-Gift Certificate of their choice is a well chosen one as I've personally had many grateful recipients on the tours musing over how lucky they were to receive such an unexpected gift that touches their heart's content.

If you have a Dickens fan, well I highly recommend purchasing a Gift Certificate for a Literary Detective Walk for that special person on your shopping list.

Have someone with a passion for all things ghost or vampires or zombies? Trust me, a Ghost Walk Gift Certificate will just send them to the "other side" ;-)

Happy stress-free holidays!

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