Friday, December 17, 2010

I Do! I Do! I Do!

Bridal Showers a la Ghosts, Vampires & Zombies in 2010

Year 2010 got off to a fast trot... now I finally get a chance to reflect over an interesting trend: the record number of requests for private ghost walks for a bridal shower party!

We still get private bookings for Second Chinatown Foodies Walk whenever one person is marrying into the Chinese culture, so all things Chinese is the appeal. The other favourite foodies tour  has been Kensington Foodies Roots Walk for the Bride-To-Be and her party, as the multicultural samplings reflects how diverse the wedding parties are becoming... Breaking bread in whatever form it comes also has a huge appeal...

But the ghost walks seem to be overtaking Foodies walks and I'm seeing more young women in their 20s and 30s, e-mail or call me to enquire about booking a private ghost walk as part of a series of bridal shower activities. Oft enough, the organizer finds out that the blushing bride-to-be loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer and any of the new vampire movies and TV series (Vampire Diaries s my favourite ;-) and zombies. The Haunted Kensington, Chinatown & Grange Walk seems to be the most popular due to its focus on the diverse multi-cultural death rituals observed within the residential and marketplace of Kensington. Zombies, Chinese vampire vs Western vampires, and of course, ghostly sightings ...

Year 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit ...  
My crystal ball says:  Year 2011 might be a year of packed with a yearning for all things culture. We might see more blushing brides-to-be coming to our doorsteps and requesting for one last bite of some "cultural" adventure with their gal pals before settling down with Prince Charming!

Gift Certificate Countdown...

The Gift of Choice for Foodies / Literary Detectives / Ghost Busters on your list ...

There's still time to give the E-Gift Certificate for a memorable walking tour this holiday. Order by Tuesday December 22nd, 2010 to have it e-mailed to you to be printed out and tucked into an envelope. It's that easy and quick.

Yes, the holiday season is becoming increasingly commercialized. We'll see more ads than ever persuading us to buy that "perfect gift" for a loved one. Can one buy something tangible like an "experience" as a gift that will truly tickle the fancies of a loved one?

Throughout Year 2010, there's been increased requests for Gift Certificates to be used as a gift for a birthday, anniversary, holiday season gift or as a Welcome to the City package.  If you're looking for a gift that's meaningful, experiential and memorable for a Foodies on your list, then a Foodies Walking Tour E-Gift Certificate of their choice is a well chosen one as I've personally had many grateful recipients on the tours musing over how lucky they were to receive such an unexpected gift that touches their heart's content.

If you have a Dickens fan, well I highly recommend purchasing a Gift Certificate for a Literary Detective Walk for that special person on your shopping list.

Have someone with a passion for all things ghost or vampires or zombies? Trust me, a Ghost Walk Gift Certificate will just send them to the "other side" ;-)

Happy stress-free holidays!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Celebrate all the holidays!

My food tour called Kensington Festive Foodies Roots inspired me to throw a multi-cultural holiday party a few times, embracing ALL the Festivals of Lights - Diwali, Channukah, Winter Solstice, Eid, Christmas and Kawanzaa.

Some of the Decorations:
* Diwali lamp made of brown clay and beautifully hand-painted
*A mini Christmas tree with mini chocolate balls & candy canes, and cooking utensils!  Strewn around the base of the tree: chocolate liquor for the adults! 
* Lots of Ikeas tea candles lit up all over the party room
* Menorah with all 9 candles lit up
* A Kwanzaa card depicting the beautiful 7 candles lit up

Food & Drinks:
Made it potluck and I asked guests to bring something from their childhood they would love to share! Given the diverse ethnic backgrounds of all my wonderful friends, we had a multi-cultural holiday bounty! We sipped Mexican cider, while noshing on Columbian donuts, Jamaican Christmas Cake, Persian cookies and more...

So what are you doing this holiday season?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Kensington Festive Foodies Roots Walk: Fundraiser Saturday December 4th, 2010

Thank You goes to all who attended this fundraiser food walk while celebrating all the diverse Festivals of the Lights within the Kensington Marketplace and the residential quarters! 

All proceeds from the tour were donated to Akram & Hiyam of 
Akram's Shoppe. The amount of $196.78 was handed over after many hugs and thanks from Akram & Hiyam.

I didn't feel right about celebrating the holidays, knowing that they're recovering from a robbery that took place earlier in November at their newly re-opened store/eatery.
Akram's Shoppe has been a part of the Kensington Foodies Roots walks since 1995! Akram is like my Lebanese Uncle and Hiyam is like my Syrian Auntie! Just one small business helping another!

For those of you who missed this fabulous foodies tour, it gets repeated Saturday December 11th, 2010  9:30 AM - 1:00 PM, but it will NOT be a fundraiser tour. Book now at and get a chance to sample a wickedly rummy Jamaican Christmas cake while savouring an Ode to the Fruitcake!