Thursday, September 13, 2012

How many ways to celebrate Fall in Toronto? Part I

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone ... Toronto, lives up to its First Nation name, the Meeting Place in the Fall season!  I don't know about you, but there's something soothing about that crisp autumn breeze after the intensely HOT, HOT, HOT summer... meanwhile the days get darker sooner everyday... I always find the months of September and October come hand-in-hand with rich full sensory experiences thanks to multicultural Fall Bounty celebrated all over town -  Farm Harvest Tables, farmers' markets, the kaleidoscope of Fall foliage, and the various festivals and holidays. 

So how many ways can we celebrate the Fall season in Toronto? Well... I am kicking off with something totally new for me...  it's different from what I normally do while conducting one of my cool  Foodies, Literary Detective or Ghost Walks as I'm kinda staying in one spot... Hint it takes place at a hot Pan Asian food event hosted by Harbourfront Centre! 

Fortune Cooking Festival: Street Food Demo 
Sunday September 16th Noon - 1:00pm

 Join yours truly - Culinary Historian, Shirley Lum of A Taste of the World, at her unique Street Food Demonstration at Harbourfront Centre's Fortune Cooking Festival .  Explore Pan Asian street food and Toronto's multicultural bounty! Always wondered what to do with Bean Curd skin? If you're looking for healthy, yet tasty and easy snack and lunch ideas then come on down to Harbourfront Centre for this FREE demonstration! 

If you've been along one of the Second Chinatown Foodies Walks, you've been shown the dried ruffle-edged Cloud Ear Fungus at the Chinese herbal shop. At the grocery store, you might have had a chance to handle the the stringy Chinese Long Beans and the Silk Squash which comes in many names: Chinese Okra or Angled Luffa or Silk Squash or Taiwanese Okra. 
Cloud Ear Fungus

Now you have the golden opportunity to watch me pull together these ingredients at a live cooking demonstration, and of course, the best part is sampling Shirley's delicious cooking! You're bound to love this delicious but healthy dish so much, that you can't wait to get home to try the recipe handout. By the way, I heard the weather forecast is going to be fantastic, so it will be a great way to get another shot of vitamin D by the lake before it's flu season!  Anyway, drop by Harbourfront Centre and come by to say, "Hello"! 

If you're wondering about the other ways to celebrate Fall Season in Toronto for the rest of September and the month of October...  stay tuned on Monday for the multicultural Fall Bounty Food Walks, the Fall Colours Literary Detective Walks and Ghost Walks. Can't wait?  Like us on our Facebook page to get updates!